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C&C Drum Europe - Player Date Silver Marine Pearl

Limited edition: Player Date Silver Marine Pearl

We just received some kits of an amazingly beautiful limited Player Date edition – Silver Marine Pearl. These kits are limited to 10 kits worldwide! We have two “Big Beat” configurations (22” × 14 kick drum, 13” × 8 rack tom, 16” × 15 floor tom and matching 14” × 6.5 snare drum) in stock right now. First come, first serve! When sold out, you won’t have the chance to get your hands on one of those later on. You can order the kit via our contact form.

C&C Drum Europe - Player Date Honey

C&C Drums - Player Date

The Player Date makes a dream come true: the first C&C series kit. It uses our 7-ply mahogany Gladstone Shells and catches everyones attention with its beautiful look and incredible sound. You can choose between three finishes and two sizes – and of course every Player Date comes with our full contact bearing edge!

C&C Drums Europe - Vintage Custom Drum Kit

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With our new web site you’ll be able to shop in our associated RB Distribution web shop. You’ll find every C&C product as well as other drum related items. Take a look and if you have any feedback for us, we are happy to hear about it!

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C&C Drums Europe - Vintage Custom Drum Kit

C&C Drums custom kits – Handmade in U.S.A.

Along with the Player Date we are – of course – offering the legendary C&C custom kits. Every drummer with a weakness for vintage drums resembling traditional kits, while at the same time featuring every pleasure a newly build kit has to offer, will love to spend some time in our gallery or contact us for buying options.


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